Meet The Team

Barry Flood

CEO / Founder

Barry developed the Solidity contract which is the core of TIPbot. He and his team are responsible for the website, mobile applications, tip bots, branding and all imagery. Barry is a lecturer in web and mobile applications, having previously worked with Cambridge University, Universal Music and Google.

Des Donnelly


Des is responsible for statistics and the Tipbot numbers. He is an internet veteran from the 90’s with over 30 years working with internet technologies. As the founder of Memeonics he is a Google Partner, a Google Top Contributor and Google Certified Administrator. He has worked in London, New York and Moscow and thinks a Monte Carlo simulation is a form of art.

Eddie McCaffrey

Communications & Business Advisor

Eddie has over 25 years in the media industry and has been heavily involved with many startups in an advisory role since the dawn of the internet. Having worked with organisations such as The World Health Organisation, Honda, Novo Nordisk, London Business School, Kawasaki and many others, Eddie has developed a key instinct in what is necessary to ensure the success of a project.

Mansoor Mahmood


Mansoor has over 16 years of industrial experience as both a programmer and project manager, Mansoor has developed a strong and precise ability in executing projects to perfection. Mansoor will head up the Tipbot mobile app development team and will manage the execution and launch of the application.

Daryle Wood


Daryle is responsible for promotion and marketing of TIPbot. As the founder of and with over 8 years experience in marketing, Daryle is passionate about his consultancy role and also has vast experience in online retail.

Edwin Murray


Edwin is an up and coming media producer with a vast range of abilities in video and audio production, with a keen eye for photography. Edwin is responsible for all Tipbot marketing materials including videos and concept imagery.

Gregory Shapiro

Volunteer Community Moderator

Greg is a long time open source contributor and community advocate across projects such as sendmail, FreeBSD, and BIND. In his professional career, his strong software engineering and system administration skills have been practiced in prominent roles in engineering, information technology, and information security.