Real world payment gateway for crypto currency

What is Tipbot?

Tipbot is a simple to use mobile application to introduce non technical people to cryptocurrency.

TIPbot is a real world blockchain payment gateway for just about anything you can think of.

Through a series of apps and bots, users will have the freedom to tip, pay for services, food, deliveries and much more.

TIPbot will introduce non-technical people to both blockchain and crypto currency through simplicity.

TIP is a utility token which will be utilised by the TIPbot application to carry out transactions. Not only can you make payments, you will be able to mint new tokens on the blockchain, simply by owning tokens. This is through our Proof Of Stake platform which currently exists on the Ethereum blockchain.

TIPbot Information

Contract Address

Token Name



Initial Supply
100 Billion

Max Supply
10 Trillion (minimum of 20 years minting)

‘ ERC’ stands for "Ethereum Request for Comments”. This is an official protocol for proposing improvements to the Ethereum network. TIPbot is an ERC compliant token.
Proof Of Stake
TIPbot is a Proof Of Stake token. The full reward will be outlined in the near future.